The approx. 20.000 m² compound, formerly used by the “motor pool of the ministers of the German Democratic Republic” presents itself in a rather unimposing fashion. Alongside multiple tall garages and everything from vehicle-care to maintenance, the area provides 13 additional buildings and a gas station from the 1930s. The highlights however, are the authentic and still untouched bar, the ballroom, a sauna and a bowling alley.

Transformation and Utilization

Increasingly, artists, architects and musicians are settling in the classic factory yard in which motor vehicle services were formerly offered. Creatives and traders are able to rent affordable and flexible premises between 20 and 600 sq. The bar, sauna, the bowling alley as well as the casino in the typical fashion of the former GDR are available for temporary usage. They provide an ideal  ambience for events, film sets and photo shootings.


Herzbergstrasse 40-43 in 10365 Berlin is located in an industrial area in the district Lichtenberg. The compound is approx. 5 km from the center of Berlin, Alexanderplatz.

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