Established in approx. 1900, the factory in the backyard of the Löwestrasse 5b was occupied by its former owner until his retirement. The first two floors featured as a locksmith’s shop, while the upper two levels were vacant for a long period of time. The top floor burned down and was in poor condition.

Transformation and Utilization

The object has been gutted, sandblasted from the interior and entirely reconstructed. Each floor accommodates an atelier with working and living purposes. The detroyed top floor was reconstructed. The roof accommodates an approx. 80 m² sun terrace, available to be used by everyone. The other part of the roof is greened entirely. The occupiers are primarily artists and freelancers working in architecture, film, theater and consulting.


Löwestrasse is located between Karl-Marx-Allee and Volkspark Friedrichshain. The street is designated as a quiet 30 km/h service road.

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